Raw finnish black metal.
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Releases/samples available at Behest.
List of distributors for each release at the bottom of the page.

cover Contagions / Kein N-tkommen
Split w/ Grausamkeit
7" - 1.5.2015, Darker Than Black - Limited to 300 copies.

1. Ruho - Contagions
2. Grausamkeit - Kein N-tkommen

cover Pathways Through Flesh
Full-length album
CD - 13.3.2015, Bestial Burst / Behest
LP - to be released in June/July by Final Agony / Triumph of Death.

1. Tus an Deireadh II
2. Descending Below
3. Putrid Pathways
4. Upon the Pulpit
5. Blood Hides the Way
6. Kärsimys
7. Tus an Deireadh III

cover Sokeus Uskon Valosta/Vangittu
7" - 4.8.2014, Mantratya Productions / Darker Than Black - Limited to 250 copies.

1. Sokeus Uskon Valosta
2. Vangittu

cover North Karelian Black Winds
Live split w/ Blasphemous Witchcraft, Axeslaughter and Korgonthurus
Tape - 1.11.2013, Behest - Limited to 50 copies.

1. God
2. Vangittu
3. Sokeus Uskon Valosta
3 tracks by each band.

cover Ruho
CD - 15.2.2012, Behest - Limited to 200 copies.

1. God
2. Luopio
3. Tus an Deireadh


Split w/ Grausamkeit
Merchant of Death (Ger)
Bestial Burst (Fin)
Descending Towards Damnation (Fin)
Christhunt Productions (Ger)
Purity Through Fire (Ger)
Arcane Altar (US)
CW Productions (US)
Soundcave (Ita)
Malignant Voices (Pol)

Pathways Through Flesh CD
Bestial Burst (Fin)
Merchant of Death (Ger)
Behold Barbarity (USA)
Triumph of Death (Aus)
Fallen Temple (Pol)
Iron Scourge (Bel)
Dunkelheit Produktionen (Ger)
Descending Towards Damnation (Fin)
Recordshop X (Fin)

Sokeus Uskon Valosta/Vangittu 7"
Merchant of Death (Ger)
Descending Towards Damnation (Fin)
Forever Plagued Records (USA)
Blood Harvest (Swe)
Altare (Por)
Iron Bonehead (Ger)
Forgotten Wisdom Productions (Fra)
Old Temple (Pol)
Evil Rising (Gre)
Kill Yourself Productions (Gre)
Gravplass (Nor)
Legion Blotan (UK)
Triumph of Death (Aus)

KVLT (Fin)
Stuza Productions (Ukr)
Cold Void Emanations (Fra)
Heidens Hart (NL)
Fog of the Apocalypse (Ger)
Fullmoon Light (Ita)
Ominous Domain (USA)
Raging Bloodlust (Ger)